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In 2008, Landry Mechanical began in its infancy, completing about 20 HVAC systems per year, and specializing in alternative energy systems, such as thermal solar and wood heat. Over the years, our reputation and customer reach have grown. As of 2021, Landry Mechanical currently employees over 20 of the best and brightest in the area. We are proud to say we are a part of the Nexstar network TM*. A group of elite home service professionals dedicated to providing a top-notch experience every day to our clients. With the help of Nexstar, we provide our employees with weekly training on customer service and technical aptitude. We offer clear up-front pricing and provide service plans for all parts of your home.

  • Our trucks are clean, well-stocked, and very catchy! (Many of our clients find us because of our trucks!)
  • We give back to our community by donating our labor and materials to those most in need. We sponsor local sports teams, the Boy Scouts of America, animal rights groups, and other nonprofits.
  • Landry Mechanical is a true “full service” mechanical contractor. Most HVAC companies in our industry subcontract services of the project such as the electrical or gas fitting aspect of an HVAC replacement. Landry has the staff and licensure to complete all phases of your project.
  • Landry also believes in technical training. Our industry is ever-evolving and we take the time to keep up with all the latest in technological advancements
  • Landry puts customer service at the forefront of every job. We have live staffing in our office and are always available by phone, email, or text. If you have any needs or questions, we are here and ready to serve!
Your friends at Landry Mechanical

With the varying weather conditions in the Massachusetts area, our company has an essential understanding of the local area conditions that may impact the function of various heating, air, and plumbing systems. The coldest and hottest days can alter your pipes to the distribution of your heat.

Our HVAC & plumbing contractors look forward to providing our expertise to the Worcester County and MetroWest area.

Landry Mechanical in Worcester County and MetroWest

HVAC & plumbing contractors want to be of service to the local community with their services that can be solutions to your home. Specifically, HVAC contractors focus on heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) while our plumbing contractors focus on any of your plumbing issues that include your pipes and water heaters. Landry Mechanical‘s HVAC & plumbing contractors work as a whole team, striving to share our solutions and techniques to fix any of the plumbing, heating, or air conditioning concerns you may have.

As HVAC & plumbing contractors, we find it enlightening and gratifying to solve any of the concerns with your home as your happiness benefits the entire Worcester County and MetroWest community. We understand how each person’s home is a safe space for themselves and their loved ones. We hope to contribute to the Worcester County and MetroWest area by giving back with our knowledge and expertise. More importantly, we hope each of our services is an informative experience that leaves our clients more aware and satisfied with their home space to be safe, cozy, or cool.