Benefits of a Landry Partner Plan

  • Priority service! Get put ahead of non-plan members in an emergency
  • $100 per year towards new HVAC equipment
  • $20 per year towards new water heating equipment
  • 10% discount on flat rate repairs
  • Special discounts and promotions throughout the year
  • Lower energy bills
  • Longer equipment life
  • Yearly maintenance is required by most manufacturers

Types of Plans

  • Single Premium Care Plan
    Covers 1 gas or propane furnace, 1 gas or propane boiler, 4 A/C or heat pump, or a ductless mini split (1 condenser and up to 4 indoor heads) $199 per year or $16.59 per month. A single oil system plan is $299 per year and 24.92 per month.
  • Premium Care Plan Bundle
    Covers 2 pieces of equipment such as gas furnace or boiler and an A/C unit $24.92 per month or $299 per year. If the furnace or boiler is oil, the upcharge is $8.33 per month or $100.00 per year.
    Add on items

  • Oil fired heater maintenance $13.25 per month | $159 per year
  • Standard tank type water heater flush $8.25 per month | $99 per year
  • Tankless water heater flush $18.75 per month | $225 per year
  • UV lightbulb change $24.58 per month | $295 per year
  • Dehumidifier maintenance $9.08 per month | 109.00 per year
Plumber working on sink

Plumbing Maintenance Services

Your home’s plumbing system is something often overlooked. Our multi-point inspection helps catch major plumbing issues BEFORE they cause leaks or other issues. A yearly plumbing preventative maintenance inspection includes the following:

  • Test water temperature at tap
  • Test all emergency stops, tighten valve packaging(if applicable)
  • Flush water heater. *As your technician for details about sediment issues.
  • Test all toilets for proper operation and set water level
  • Check that all toilets are firm on the floor
  • Test tub drains/stoppers
  • Visually inspect all exposed plumbing and gas connections
  • Test expansion tank
  • Test well wash
  • Inspect washing machine hoses and valve connections
  • And More!

AC unit

HVAC Maintenance Services

A clean HVAC system is vital to extending the life of your home’s HVAC equipment as long as possible. our multi-point inspection helps catch HVAC issues BEFORE they cause a no heat or no cool situation.

  • Test system for operation
  • Clean flame sensor
  • Clean condensate trap
  • Amp test all motors
  • Test incoming voltage
  • Wash condenser from outside in *Complete chemical washes are available
  • Treat condensate pan with algaecide tablet
  • Check refrigerant levels (if applicable)
  • Test compressor start device
  • Check system delta T
  • Seal any exposed pipe wrap on outside like set at condenser
  • Perform combustion analysis
  • Test entire system operation
  • Test expansion tank
  • Change owner supplied air filters
  • Test all zones for proper operation
  • Replace any wear parts(nozzle, filter, strainer) *Oil system only
  • And More!

Our professionals are excellent at upholding and breaking down HVAC maintenance plans that work specific to our Westborough community.

An HVAC maintenance plan is vital to double-check your air conditioning system is working well, so there is less chance of an air conditioning replacement. We understand that Westborough clients can be busy, and Westborough HVAC contractors are glad to provide HVAC maintenance plans that cater to each Westborough client’s comfort level and lifestyle. Our HVAC contractors are happy to provide details of which type of maintenance plans are most compatible with each unit. We use specific terminology that caters to each client and their needs.

There are different types of air conditioning units, and we have levels of maintenance plans depending on your concerns or the quality and age of your air conditioning system. Specifically, our maintenance plans are specific to our clients by discussing and pinpointing each client’s particular problems.

Our maintenance plans ensure fewer chances of difficulties with your unit, saving your time and money on future repairs or replacements. However, it is also an opportunity to inquire about new air conditioning systems depending on our clients’ unique preferences. We understand maintenance plans may not seem a priority, but with maintenance plans, you can make sure you do not run into any significant issues that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Especially with the winter and summers in Massachusetts, having a maintenance plan can ease the stress of any problems with your air conditioning unit that can negatively impact your day with less heat or cooling during hot and cold weather days in the Massachusetts area.